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Key Factors in Workers' Compensation Law

Workers’ compensation is a system designed to compensate workers injured on the job. Participation is mandatory for most employers, and nearly all employees are eligible under law.

Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Act creates a contractual relationship between employers and employees. Under this Act, employers provide compensation for work-related injuries and all medically-necessary treatment. In exchange for these guaranteed benefits, employees forfeit their right to bring lawsuits against their employers regarding such injuries.

Fault is not assigned and plays no role in workers' compensation law. If you've suffered a workplace injury, you're most likely covered under workers' compensation.

While the nature of your benefits are mandated by Florida law, the amount of benefits can be the subject of debate, and a matter for the courts to decide.

Recoverable under Florida Law

Workers’ compensation law differs dramatically from other areas of civil law, where plaintiffs can seek compensation for pain and suffering. Under Florida workers’ compensation law, pain and suffering is not recoverable. Instead, an injured employee is entitled to recover two-thirds of their gross wages and all medically necessary care.

What constitutes "gross wages" and "medically necessary" are left to the courts to decide - as such, they are the subject of many a court battle.

Workers' Comp - Did You Know?

  • The workers' compensation system is a government-mandated system, but not a government-funded one. Instead, it's entirely paid for by employers in Florida and nationwide.

  • Fault plays no role in the workers' compensation system. Employers must provide benefits for work-related injuries, regardless of fault.

  • Benefits are carefully mandated by Florida law. Workers compensation benefits include partial wage replacement and all medically-necessary treatment.

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